Since 1996 Cerno has assessed over 9000 managers and leaders. Our tailored assessments provide you with in-depth insights into your candidates and assist you to make effective selection decisions.


Cerno's development assessments assist you to grow exceptional leaders who embody the skills and personal characteristics required to lead your organisation into the future.

360° Feedback

Cerno's online 360° tool is flexible, clear, and targeted. We ensure leaders understand their key strengths and development priorities, and support them to make progress towards their development goals.

Leadership Success Profile

Cerno has intimate knowledge of the LSP framework and can work with you to adapt and implement the LSP.

Diversity & Inclusion

Let us help you navigate the complex area of diversity and inclusion. Our innovative model of inclusive leadership and practical solutions are targeted at the individual, team and organisational level.

Tailored Solutions

Cerno can provide a range of tailored leadership solutions for your organisation.