Confidential reviews

Gain independent insight to help resolve challenging people issues

We can offer you independent, professional, and confidential reviews of a range of sensitive workplace issues, including allegations of bullying or harassment. These reviews have been appreciated by our clients who have found such situations difficult to resolve internally.

An independent perspective

In a confidential review, we interview people who are in a good position to comment on the situation from a range of perspectives. We then produce a report which contains our objective observations and judgments on the situation, and a list of recommended actions.

In-depth insight

As psychologists, we are well-placed to conduct confidential reviews, as we are particularly skilled at:

  • Putting people at ease, so they feel comfortable sharing their experiences and perceptions.
  • Using skilful questioning and probing to tease out the facts and ‘what is really going on’.
  • ‘Reading’ people’s emotional reactions and what they are not saying (as well as what they are saying).
  • Managing people’s emotional reactions.
  • Dealing with highly sensitive information.
  • Maintaining participants’ anonymity and confidentiality.

Our approach helps your people to feel valued, respected, and heard.

Enduring solutions

Our focus is on helping organisations to find a constructive way forward. We have the expertise needed to help you address the broader underlying causes of issues, not just the surface symptoms. Our extensive experience means that we know how other organisations have tackled similar issues, and what has worked.

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