Workshops and training

Build crucial people skills in your organisation

When you offer your people development opportunities, you want them to be useful, informative, and enjoyable. We deliver workshops and training that meet your needs.

We help you build crucial people skills

We offer specialised workshops covering a range of leadership and people-related skills. These include:

  • Interviewing skills (e.g. interviewing job candidates).
  • Assessment skills (e.g. observing simulation exercises).
  • Debriefing 360° feedback.
  • Reducing bias.
  • Inclusive leadership.
  • Working with neurodiversity.
  • Difficult conversations.
  • Coaching skills.

If you need a development programme that addresses a specialist people-skills topic, we can design and deliver it for you.

We offer practical and enjoyable development opportunities

We design our workshops and training to maximise learning and engagement. To achieve this, we:

  • Communicate in plain language, which is pitched to our participants’ backgrounds and needs.
  • Offer participants the opportunity to contribute to the agenda and structure of the learning sessions.
  • Provide participants with the opportunity to share and reflect on their own personal experiences.
  • Support participants to translate theory into practice, by using practical exercises.
  • Encourage participants to identify opportunities to apply their newly learned skills on the job.

Our training is based on research and experience

Too often, leadership and professional development is based on pop psychology or trendy ideas. This means that your people could walk away believing things that are inaccurate, unhelpful, or even counterproductive.

Our senior consultants are registered psychologists with PhDs in psychology and broad experience in the field. We ensure that the material we teach is evidence-based. Typically, we teach skills in areas where we have extensive experience. This means that we’ve tried techniques ourselves, and we know that they work.

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