Research, evaluation, and consulting services

Apply psychological science to achieve your organisation’s goals If you need specialist assistance with achieving a people-related objective, we can help. For example, we can help you to evaluate your organisational practices and tools against ‘best practice’. We can also assist you to design new organisational practices and tools. And we provide applied research and statistical expertise.

People expertise when you need it

When you aspire to achieve challenging people-related goals, it helps to know that you can tap into additional expertise and resourcing when you need to. Our depth and breadth of experience means that we can help you to make your people initiatives successful. For example, we:

Evaluate and advise on assessment tools and practices

  • We reviewed frontline recruitment and selection practices for the New Zealand Police, and for the New Zealand Fire Service.
  • We assisted Transpower to strengthen their developmental assessment of non-technical skills for a core group of technical staff.
  • We provided an independent evaluation of different psychometric testing options, as part of the evaluation of responses to a Request for Proposals.
  • We evaluated whether a large organisation’s technical competency framework met best practice standards.
  • We reviewed the design and effectiveness of a change-readiness questionnaire.

Support the design of learning and development resources

  • We conducted research to support the design of a professional development framework for judges.
  • We helped a large government department to design a ‘toolkit’ of leadership and professional development resources, tailored to the capabilities required by its roles.

Support the implementation of new organisational practices

  • We helped a large government agency to systematically ‘translate’ roles from one pay scale system to another.

Provide applied research and statistical expertise

  • We analysed leadership capability across the New Zealand Public Sector, for a report that helped target Public Sector leadership development programmes.
  • We conducted research into the predictors of high-performance leadership at New Zealand Police.
  • We helped several large government agencies to evaluate their leadership strengths and gaps.
  • We helped a large government agency to review the effectiveness of a change programme in lifting their leadership capability.

Expertise you can trust

Cerno’s senior consultants hold PhDs in psychology, meaning that they have conducted research that has advanced knowledge in their fields of study. Some of our consultants have published research in peer-reviewed journals. This means that you can rely on the quality of the research, analysis, and advice we deliver.

Additionally, our senior consultants are very experienced in the field. This assists us to move beyond academic theories and models, to deliver real-world insights you can apply to achieve your organisation’s goals.

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