Cerno's tailored assessments provide you with in-depth insights into the strengths and development needs of your candidates against the specific requirements of your role. Our assessments assist you to make effective selection decisions.  

Over the last twenty years we have assessed over 9,000 leaders in New Zealand and Australia, and have provided assessment solutions to multiple Boards, Chief Executives, governance authorities and managers for a broad range of management levels and professional roles.

We pride ourselves on our ability to tailor assessment solutions to business needs.  Our expertise in leadership enables us to pinpoint the specific capability requirements of your role, and the strengths and potential risks posed by different applicants.

When you are looking to select candidates for roles, we work with you to:

  • Confirm the capabilities that differentiate excellent from average performers in your roles. These may be based on your existing capability framework, the LSP, or Cerno’s leadership model.  We can also assist you to design a bespoke model.  
  • Assess applicants.  We use a mix of assessment methods to enable us to explore areas relevant to the challenges of different roles (e.g. strategic leadership), as well as tapping into individual capabilities (e.g. resilience) and motivations. Individuals attending an assessment with us are likely to complete targeted online questionnaires and attend an assessment centre, where we guide applicants through a series of exercises (e.g. an interview and role-specific simulations) in our purpose-built assessment suite.
  • Provide reporting.  Cerno’s reports are targeted to meet your needs.  We consider ourselves successful when you do not have to infer meaning from our reports! We provide ratings and describe an individual’s strengths and development areas across the key capabilities.
  • Undertake briefings. We support our reports with verbal briefings that enable you to explore and fully understand the assessment results, and test any implications for prospective appointees.
  • Coach and develop. Once you have made an appointment decision, Cerno provides applicants with a copy of their report and the opportunity to receive feedback and coaching on a one-off or ongoing basis.  We are also happy to provide action-focused development plans.