Selection assessment

Make hiring decisions with confidence

Hiring decisions can feel daunting and risky. You know that hiring the right person will make your job easier, and help you deliver the results your organisation needs. But hiring someone who doesn’t have the right skills, or who is difficult to work with, can be costly. It pays to get expert support with these crucial decisions.

Cerno supports you to make hiring decisions with confidence. To help you identify the candidate who best fits your role, we:

  • Design and conduct an assessment that targets your capabilities of interest. We use a mix of assessment methods to predict on-the-job performance. These include online questionnaires and exercises, an interview, and role-specific simulations (e.g. a stakeholder engagement meeting, media interview, performance management discussion, or coaching simulation). We ensure your candidates are treated with care and support during their assessment.
  • Create insightful reports. Our assessment reports provide you with clarity and in-depth insight into your candidates’ strengths and development areas, including the likely impact of these on-the-job. Our ratings help you to understand how candidates compare and the trade-offs associated with selecting one candidate over another.
  • Support you to fully understand the assessment results. We welcome the opportunity to discuss candidates’ assessment results with you. We describe in plain language the implications of candidates’ strengths and development areas.
  • Debrief candidates on their results. We invite both successful and unsuccessful candidates to discuss their assessment results with us. We also use this opportunity to coach candidates to strengthen their skills. This helps your successful candidate to start their new role on the right track. Unsuccessful candidates gain a clear sense of the skills to build if they want to reapply to your organisation in future.
  • Provide ongoing development support (Optional). On request, we provide action-focused development plans and/or ongoing coaching for successful candidates. This helps your successful candidate to optimise their longer-term success in the role.

We offer our assessment centres either by videoconference, or in our purpose-built assessment suite.

Proven expertise

Over the past twenty-five years we have assessed over 10,000 leaders in New Zealand and Australia. We have assessed a broad range of management and professional roles, and worked for many Boards, Chief Executives, and other leaders. Our [track record and expertise] mean that our assessments provide results that you can rely on.