Culture surveys

Enhance how people work together at your organisation

Building a highly engaged workforce is key to your organisation’s success. It can also be a complex and daunting task. How do you decide where to start? Our culture survey provides information you can act on.

In-depth understanding

Our culture survey allows you to understand your organisational culture in greater depth. It provides information about the three key components of organisational culture:

  • Engagement looks at how enthusiastically your people strive towards your organisation’s goals. Engagement is a key predictor of organisational performance. For example, do people believe that their work is important and makes a difference? Do they take the initiative and go beyond what they have been asked to do?
  • Satisfaction looks at how satisfied your people are with what your organisation offers. Satisfaction is a key predictor of retention. For example, how satisfied are people with their job security, benefits, and opportunities for advancement?
  • Drivers looks at the factors that drive engagement and satisfaction. For example, do leaders provide people with a balance of autonomy and support? Do they recognise and reward high performance?

Actionable insights

Our culture survey is:

  • Easy. Our culture survey seeks feedback in an easy-to-use online questionnaire. This provides significant cost savings by minimising the administrative time required.
  • Targeted. We ask about the drivers of engagement that your leaders can influence. This provides you with practical and solution-focused information. We also include open-ended questions so that people can describe the exact changes that would most enhance their engagement and satisfaction.
  • Clear. Our culture survey includes innovative tools that allow you to quickly get a sense of the ‘big picture’ and identify the steps required to move forward. Our highly experienced organisational psychologists can also provide tailored suggestions for achieving the culture change you want.
  • Flexible. We can add tailored questions to meet your organisation’s needs.

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