Team development

Help your team, Board, or Executive Leadership Team work more effectively with one another.

We can help you to strengthen your team’s organisational leadership and ability to collectively drive performance.

Review your team’s effectiveness

We can help you to pinpoint your team’s strengths and any blockages to high performance. Our experienced facilitators work with teams at all levels, including senior leadership teams and Boards, to evaluate their functioning and effectiveness.

Board and Executive Leadership Team reviews

In a Board or Executive Leadership Team review, the focus is to develop an in-depth understanding of how effectively the Board or ELT are working together as a team. An organisational psychologist interviews members of the Board or ELT and writes a report summarising the key themes that emerge from these discussions. This information is used to identify opportunities to improve the culture and functioning of the Board or ELT.

Build a collaborative team

We use a range of tools and methods to assist with team development. We help leadership and management teams to:

  • Establish a common purpose. We work with teams to achieve a common understanding of their team purpose, ‘brand’, and values; each other’s roles and responsibilities; and expectations for how the team will work together.
  • Understand each other. We help teams to gain a better appreciation of each other’s strengths, preferences, styles, and contribution to the team.
  • Work together effectively. We help teams to understand and resolve areas of difference and friction more constructively and productively.

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