Competency frameworks

Build a clear picture of the competencies your organisation needs

When you clearly articulate the competencies your organisation needs, everyone knows what to aim for. An effective competency framework is essential to building the people capability your organisation needs to thrive. We can help you to create fit-for-purpose competency frameworks for leadership, professional, and technical specialist roles.

Set the standard for your organisation

Competency frameworks benefit organisations by clearly describing what effective performance looks like. They act as a foundation for:

  • Recruitment.
  • Leadership and professional development.
  • Talent management.
  • Performance management.

For example, a well-designed competency framework will help your recruiters to find candidates with the skills that are crucial to your organisation’s success. And it will help you to design programmes that build the skills your people need to excel.

Skills and experience you can trust

Creating an effective competency framework is a surprisingly complex and challenging task. First, you need to balance competing stakeholder views and interests. Second, you need to meet a demanding set of technical standards for the framework to work in practice. Several times, we have been asked to help ‘rescue’ competency frameworks after a do-it-yourself approach has failed to meet expectations.

We are highly skilled and experienced in creating bespoke competency frameworks. Our senior consultants hold PhDs in psychology. We are intimately familiar with best-practice standards and methods for designing competency frameworks. And we have created competency frameworks for a wide range of organisations and roles. Examples include:

  • Operationalising the Leadership Success Profile (LSP), which is widely used across the New Zealand Government.
  • Reviewing and improving the leadership competency framework for the Queensland Public Service.
  • Designing leadership and professional competency frameworks for several large government agencies, private sector companies, and local government authorities.
  • Designing competency frameworks for project management, quality assurance, information technology, and technical operations roles.

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