The Leadership Insight programme

Development assessment for the New Zealand Public Service

Leadership Insight is a state-of-the-art development assessment designed for the New Zealand Public Service. It helps your people gain insight into their strengths and how they can enhance their leadership.

Insight, leadership development, and benchmarking

Leadership Insight allows leaders to see how their skills compare to the demands of the roles they aspire to. This helps them to identity the areas they need to focus on to achieve their career goals.

Leadership Insight also provides a development experience that is well-proven, straightforward, and established as a standard across the Public Service. It offers the opportunity to understand how your leaders compare with the rest of the Public Service.

Leadership Insight provides you with:

  • Insight. Leadership Insight gives insight into your leaders’ key strengths and development needs. These insights are referenced against the Leadership Success Profile.
  • Benchmarking. Leadership Insight provides accurate benchmarking against a broad reference group (i.e. over 650 senior leaders from across 32 New Zealand Public Service departments and other agencies).
  • Role mapping. Leadership Insight includes a systematic and quantitative assessment of the expectations of participants’ roles. This helps clarify the experiences they need to gain to achieve their career goals.
  • Flexibility. Leadership Insight offers different assessment ‘paths’ that leverage previous leadership assessment information.
  • Value. Leadership Insight offers a robust and cost-effective process, which includes the other advantages of [Cerno’s developmental assessments].

Robust, relevant, and supportive development assessment

As part of Leadership Insight, your leaders will complete:

  • A 360° survey. This online survey provides participants with insight into how they are perceived by others. For information about our 360° survey, [click here].
  • Development-focused questionnaires. These online questionnaires build self-awareness by encouraging structured self-reflection. They also help participants prepare for their development centre.
  • An in-depth interview. The interview explores participants’ approaches to the challenges of leadership. The interview helps identify how participants can lead more effectively within their specific work context.
  • A coaching simulation (if they complete Leadership Insight Standard). The coaching simulation lets us observe participants in action. This enables us to make very specific, practical suggestions for how they can improve.
  • Ongoing coaching. Participants receive personalised coaching and support with setting career goals and putting what they have learnt into action.

Designed for the New Zealand Public Service

Leadership Insight was designed as part of a wider leadership and talent programme, led by Te Kawa Mataaho Public Service Commission in partnership with the Leadership Development Centre. Over 650 public sector leaders from across the Public Service have already completed Leadership Insight. More information about Leadership Insight Standard and Leadership Insight Light can be found on Te Kawa Mataaho’s website.

Contact us

Cerno delivers the assessment component of Leadership Insight. For further information or to initiate a Leadership Insight assessment, please contact us.