Support your people to optimise their skills

We offer coaching for people at all levels of an organisation, including Chief Executives. Our highly skilled and experienced coaches have coached thousands of people on a diverse range of leadership and management issues.

Support with the challenges of leadership

Leaders encounter many challenges in their careers. For example, moving to a more challenging role, or feeling stuck in your existing role without knowing how to progress. Figuring out how to bring out the best in your people, or managing a difficult relationship. Whatever the leadership challenge, it can be very helpful to talk to someone who understands your situation but is not directly involved.

Leadership coaching offers a ‘circuit breaker’ for leaders who feel stuck with particular issues. And it offers leaders support with setting and achieving development and career goals.

Supportive, action-oriented, and effective

Our coaching clients enjoy working with us because we are:

  • Adaptable. We adapt our coaching approach to reflect each person’s individual needs.
  • Supportive. We provide a safe environment and act as a confidential and professional ‘sounding board’.
  • Caring. Our coaches genuinely care about the people they work with and take the time to understand them as individuals.
  • Solution-focused. We take a practical and action-oriented approach.

Our coaches are highly qualified and experienced

Our senior consultants appear on the Leadership Development Centre’s independently-vetted coach list for ‘chief executives and system leaders’. This attests to our depth of experience coaching leaders at all levels; and the esteem in which our senior consultants are held in the industry.

Our coaches:

  • Show insight into people. Our senior consultants are registered psychologists with PhDs in psychology and extensive experience in the field.
  • Understand leadership. Our coaches have assessed hundreds of leaders from diverse organisations and at all organisational levels. We understand the capabilities leaders need to be successful, and how to develop them.
  • Bring practical understanding. Our coaches have a strong understanding of the challenges faced by both public and private sector leaders, and experience with how others have overcome them.
  • Use evidence-based techniques. We draw on proven approaches from the world of psychology, including cognitive, behavioural, and solution-focused strategies.

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