Our unique 360° tool offers leaders meaningful insights into their key strengths and development priorities.  The clear and candid feedback provided allows participants to leverage their strengths and identify and focus their development efforts on the areas where they can achieve the greatest developmental gains.

Unlike other 360° tools, Cerno's is very easy to tailor and understand.  We have existing item sets, including the first LSP-aligned 360° survey (which we developed based on the intimate knowledge we gained from our work defining the LSP capabilities for the New Zealand Public Service), and multiple Success Profile-aligned 360° surveys for the Queensland Public Service. Alternatively, we can design items that reflect your particular capability model or needs. 

Cerno has been working with 360° feedback for more than 15 years.  Our 360° tool has been used to assist a range of leaders with their development, from senior leadership teams in large government organisations to medical practitioners, policy analysts, and volunteer team leaders at non-profit organisations. 

Our 360° tool is easy and secure.  Our 360° survey seeks feedback in an easy-to-use online questionnaire and you can be assured that information on your leaders is safe. 

We’ve used our extensive experience to develop a robust process that provides more than any other 360° feedback tool. 


Our 360° questionnaire is only one part of a process that assists participants to 'kick off' their development and achieve traction on their development goals by:  

  • Receiving a clear and specific 360° report. Our 360° report prominently displays participants’ key strengths and development priorities. Too often people say “It’s a bit hard to know where I should focus my development efforts - there’s a lot to take in.” In our survey people comment on just the priority strengths and development opportunities. As result, participants receive feedback on the capability areas that are most applicable to them.  Feedback is also organised by rater groups (e.g. direct reports, peers) to provide context of where feedback originated, while maintaining anonymity. The resulting report is rich in qualitative information and useful advice.
  • Reflecting on their 360° report.   Our reflection form encourages participants to get more from their 360° report. 
  • Participating in a coaching discussion.  Please click here for more information on Cerno's coaching. 
  • Receiving a tailored, action focused development plan
  • Sending a 'message in a bottle' to themselves and thanking respondents and informing them of their development objectives
  • Participating in a follow-up Light Touch 360° process to gain feedback on their progress in key development areas.