Online Consultation

ConsiderThis is a website that improves consultation outcomes. The website provides an interactive consultation document; a place for staff to record their feedback; and a managed discussion forum that allows the project team to respond to issues as they arise. The tool also has live reporting tools that reduce the effort it takes to analyse the feedback and write the final report.

Better content management

  • Live editing of the consultation materials.
  • Include pictures, videos, downloads, web-links.
  • Full control over who sees what.
  • Track who is looking at what.

Higher quality feedback

  • Participants are encouraged to add comments and ask questions.
  • Participants can read comments from others.
  • Vote to “agree” with other people’s comments.
  • Voting reduces duplication and shows the level of support for each view.

Smoother work-flow

  • Answer questions and respond to issues as they arise.
  • Decide which comments are made public.
  • Quickly categorise the comments
    as they come in.

Faster reporting

  • Produce up-to-the-minute reports.
  • It’s easy to filter, sort and group the comments.
  • Keyword analysis helps to summarise the themes.

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