For Cerno’s newest offering, we turn our experience to enhancing the qualities that allow leaders to develop inclusive and high-performing teams.   We have developed a suite of Diversity and Inclusion assessment and development tools to assist you to benchmark your current practice, pinpoint your areas for improvement, and develop as individual leaders, teams, and as an organisation. 

With Cerno, you can be sure that your diversity and inclusion strategy will gain real traction as a central element of your leadership approach, producing lasting benefits and tangible results. No longer a luxury or ‘nice to have’, inclusion is now the lynchpin for high-performing teams in our multi-cultural and interconnected era.  Creating an inclusive environment ensures that all team members feel engaged and valued and that the diverse range of talents within your team are fully harnessed.  Research suggests that teams with more advanced diversity and inclusion practices enjoy lower attrition, higher cohesion, enhanced creativity and innovation, and also have the agility to respond to the needs of a fast-paced and rapidly evolving marketplace.  

Drawing on both recent and time-tested research and methods, we propose a nuanced approach to overcoming diversity and inclusion challenges, focusing on positive and inspiring team leadership as a means to overcome difference and find common ground.

Wherever you are now in your diversity and inclusion journey, we will work with you to define your current challenges and key priorities.  Our benchmarking survey allows you to assess your diversity practices across the individual, leader and organisational levels, to see exactly where your practices may be breaking down and where the greatest opportunities for improvement exist.

Talk to us about your specific inclusivity challenges to find out ‘what works’ in this complex yet rewarding space.  We would love to share our innovative model of inclusive leadership with you, and the products services we offer to improve diversity and inclusion:

  • Inclusive Leadership Workshops

  • Inclusive Leadership 360° feedback

  • Inclusive Leadership coaching & development planning

  • Team Diversity and Inclusion workshops

  • Team Diversity and Inclusion diagnostics

  • Organisational Diversity and Inclusion diagnostics

  • Organisational Development Diversity and Inclusion consulting

  • Custom Diversity and Inclusion workshops (e.g. neurodiversity, cultural competence)

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