The Leadership Success Profile (LSP)

Cerno are leaders in the LSP.  Initially designed to provide a common framework for leadership capability across the New Zealand Public Service, the LSP is a resource which can be used by anyone.  The New Zealand State Services Commission led the high-level design of the LSP in consultation with a cross-agency reference group.  Cerno delivered the detailed design of the LSP (i.e. at a specific capability level). The full LSP guide can be found here.

The advantages of the LSP framework include:

  • Clear, comprehensive, and logically-organised coverage of the capabilities which are critical to performance in leadership and professional roles.
  • Broad relevance across different roles and organisations.  The LSP is applicable to any leadership or professional role in any organisation (with some modification for private sector organisations).
  • A simple process for systematic and quantitative assessment of specific role expectations, which can be delivered by Cerno or your internal HR staff (so that you can accurately scope roles within your organisation, compare them to other roles, and specify the ‘step up’ required by more senior roles).
  • Robust design supported by two decades of leadership assessment experience and the wider research evidence on effective leadership.
  • Easy application to recruitment and performance management processes (due to an emphasis on observable outcomes and behaviours).
  • A ‘Creative Commons’ license, which means that your organisation can use or adapt the LSP at no charge.

Cerno supports organisations to adapt and implement the LSP.  Having worked with SSC to operationalise the LSP, and assessed hundreds of participants and candidates using this framework, we know it inside out.  For further information or to discuss whether the LSP may be a good fit for your organisation, please contact us.

Leadership Insight

Leadership Insight is a state-of-the-art leadership development assessment which Cerno has designed and delivered for the New Zealand Public Service.  It provides you with:

  • Insight into your leaders’ key strengths and development needs, referenced against the Leadership Success Profile.
  • Accurate benchmarking against a broad reference group (i.e. over 400 senior leaders from across 32 New Zealand Public Service departments and other agencies).
  • Assessment which is tailored to role demands, and includes a systematic and quantitative assessment of role expectations.  This allows you to ‘compare apples with apples’, and gives leaders a clear sense of ‘what’s the next step on the ladder’.
  • A number of assessment ‘paths’ that leverage previous leadership assessment information.
  • A robust and cost-effective process.
  • All of the other advantages of Cerno’s developmental assessments.

Leadership Insight was designed as part of a wider leadership and talent programme, led by the State Services Commission (SSC), in partnership with chief executives and the Leadership Development Centre (LDC).  SSC provide a factsheet with further details about Leadership Insight. 

Cerno delivers the assessment component of Leadership Insight.  For further information or to initiate a Leadership Insight assessment, please contact us.