Cerno can provide a range of tailored leadership solutions for your organisation. 

Competency modelling

We build organisational competency profiles that clarify the current and future skill requirements and performance expectations of manager, specialist and staff roles.

Executive coaching

We provide leaders with coaching to assist them master the skills critical for effective performance.  We work with leaders to build their self-awareness, confidence, and optimism.  Our coaching approach is evidence-based and grounded in the strategies and techniques of cognitive, behavioural, and solution-focused coaching.  Our coaching is brief, action-oriented and results-focused.

Team development

We work with leadership and management teams to help them make significant ‘steps up’ in their ability to provide organisational leadership and drive organisational performance.  We achieve this by facilitating discussions where teams achieve a common understanding of their team purpose; each other’s roles and responsibilities; and expectations for how the team will work together.

Targeted research and investigations

We conduct targeted research initiatives to identify strategies to address specific organisational needs.  For example, we reviewed recruiting practices for the New Zealand Police, conducted research to support the design of a professional development framework for judges, assisted Transpower to strengthen their developmental assessment of non-technical skills for a core group of technical staff, and have assisted organisations with employment investigations.

Online consultation

ConsiderThis is a website that improves consultation outcomes. The website provides an interactive consultation document; a place for staff to record their feedback; and a managed discussion forum that allows the project team to respond to issues as they arise. The tool also has live reporting tools that reduce the effort it takes to analyse the feedback and write the final report.  Click here for further details.