The value for you

An independent assessment clarifies your pathway to success

Your assessment provides a unique opportunity to gain independent insights into your strengths and how you can achieve your full potential. Organisations that use independent and rigorous assessments are making a significant investment. As part of a recruitment process, this shows the value they place on the role and on you as a candidate. As part of a development assessment, it shows their willingness to invest in your future.

What is a Cerno assessment like?

Previous participants in Cerno assessments, for both development and recruitment, have commented on the value they’ve gained from the experience:

“[My consultant] was affirming and reassuring – I liked her emphasis on strengths and her clear, focused, and prioritised messages about development. She was astute and sensitive. She provided some immediate things to work on and strategies to consider. I enjoyed and benefited from the session.”

“I could 1) see where I rated against the leadership success profile, 2) understand what I needed to work on, and 3) see the development pathway for each of the 16 leadership success profile capabilities, which gave me a better understanding of what I should work towards.”

“Exposure to very capable and independent people who were well qualified to assess me and give me advice.”

“[My consultant] was fantastic – really approachable, non-judgemental and she really delved into the areas I needed to focus on – including when I had no idea where the starting point was.”

“This was a valuable discussion for taking the many ideas in the assessment report and focusing them – I appreciated [my consultant] drilling down to specific actions, this really helped to make the outcomes from the whole process tangible and empowering rather than overwhelming.”

“[My consultant] was great to deal with. He was very easy to talk openly with and this added to the value I received from the process as I could be honest about my experiences.”

“Overall - some great insights into my strengths and areas of development and practical ways to improve.”

More about us

Our consultants are all specialists in leadership and management assessment, who hold postgraduate qualifications in psychology (many of them PhDs). To find out more about the Cerno consultants you will be working with, click here.